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Theramax Jade Roller Table in Mississauga

Jade rollers massage the spine while releasing infrared energy targeting the nerve endings and acupressure points in the back. This process targets stiff muscles and assists in the break down of plaque and cholesterol and the removal of toxins.

Bio-mat releases negative ions into your body helping naturally detoxify your body of harmful toxins. A healthy human should have a balance of positive and negative ions but most people have more positive ions that allow toxins to remain in the body.

The lymphatic system and the nervous system are stimulated by the roller and begin to detoxify. Then it goes into a pre-programmed acupressure/acupuncture mode , stopping at 20 groups of acupressure/acupuncture points along the bladder meridian and applying one minute treatments.

Your spine is the pillar of your whole body. Nerve endings along your spine connect to all your vital organs.