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Anne DeSilva, RMT

Anne DeSilva, RMT

My journey to enter this profession was a long reflective process, and I didn’t always know my calling was to work in healthcare. Prior to my decision to become a registered massage therapist, I attended Sheridan College for Geriatric Social Service Work. I spent many years volunteering in nursing and retirement homes. I began this endeavor because I feel compelled to help and always knew that somehow I would find myself in a caring career, but Social Service Work didn’t suit me. In the time I spent volunteering I was able to see the power of positive touch- which sparked my interest in massage therapy. My passion fueled my education, and I took on a very demanding accelerated program at The Institute of Complementary and Alternative Therapies. I graduated in 2013 and proudly received an award for Clinical Excellence.

Now as a registered massage therapist I am able to provide compassionate care, and focus on client needs. I am happy to be able to help people alleviate pain, reduce physical restrictions and promote normal functioning. I am an advocate for movement, and involve stretching and range of motion actions in my treatments. I believe movement helps bring about better body awareness which helps continue the positive impact of massage beyond the clinic setting. As a therapist, I am eager and always learning. My skill set is forever expanding, which helps me provide affective treatments for a variety of ailments both old and new. I am happy to share my knowledge with anyone who is interested to learn. Currently I am exploring hot stone massage and aromatherapy which I look forward to adding it to my clinical practice.

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